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A Warm Welcome to Friendly New Faces at DTS!

Thomas Wesp September 11, 2015
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September 2015 – Orlando, Florida

Mr. Trey Fragala, Chief Operating Officer for Data Transfer Solutions, LLC. (DTS) proudly reports, “DTS and our flagship product VUEWorks® continue to experience rapid growth. As a result, I am pleased to be filling the necessary key positions in accounting, administration, human resources as well as others to soon be announced”. For current and future customers, please welcome the newest members of our growing team.


Shannon Buttiglieri – Administrative Support/Marketing Coordination

Ms. Buttiglieri has an extensive background in administrative support roles and marketing. She supported many non-profit organizations with respect to administration, planning, event coordination, hospitality and communications. She will provide much needed administrative support and work with our marketing group to help with coordination of events and marketing initiatives.

Shannon says, “DTS has been my favorite company by far to work for!!! Everyone is always so nice and eager to lend a helping hand. I have 3 amazing children, Michael’s a senior at the UCF (University of Central Florida), Justin is a high school freshman, and Katie is now in 4th grade.”

Francesa Brussel – Administrative Support/Marketing Support

Ms. Brussel has a wealth of experience in office management, marketing and business to business communication. She comes to DTS after working in a few communication and retail firms. She will be providing support to the executive team at DTS as well as assisting with marketing collateral development and external communications.


Adriana Sierra – Accounts Payable Coordinator

Ms. Sierra comes to DTS after stints at several accounting firms where her experience ran the gamut from taxes, payables, receivables, customer support and oversight. She will work directly with our Chief Financial Officer to support our accounts payable activities.

Adriana says, “I am originally from Colombia, I have been married to my husband Rod for 18 years. We have two amazing daughters (Victoria & Christina) which love to play soccer. I love horses, cows and dogs and I enjoyed reading, swimming and go in adventures with my family.”

Marni Milks – Accounts Receivable Coordinator

Ms. Milks comes to DTS after several years with HP in the finance division. She has a background in finance and accounting and she is joining us as our new Accounts Receivable coordinator. She will be taking over billing, collections and other accounting duties. She is a native Floridian and lives in Orlando with her husband (Wes) and two sons (Edison & Jacob).


VUEWorks 10.2 Available Now

Thomas Wesp August 26, 2015
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Data Transfer Solutions (DTS) announces the latest version of VUEWorks. VUEWorks software is a web-based, geospatially-enabled, enterprise-level asset and work management system that provides customers with the ability to manage, analyze, integrate and share valuable asset and work management information. VUEWorks provides the ability to manage infrastructure capital assets to minimize the total cost of owning and operating them, while delivering the service levels you desire. The new version of VUEWorks has been built to support the same core requirements that customers have come to expect and is being delivered with a new look and exciting new functionality.


You’ll love the new face of VUEWorks! In addition, behind the scenes, the code base has been modernized to deliver what you’d expect from a progressive web application.

  • Broadened platform support with an expanded list of supported browsers (IE 10 & 11, Chrome, and Mozilla’s Firefox)
  • A uniform and standardized experience regardless of browser
  • User interface improvements to enhance user experience and usability
  • Faster response time
  • Inclusion of the new Dynamic Reporting feature
  • Improved spatial editing feature

To learn how to upgrade or purchase VUEWorks click here!

Congratulations to the Ohio Department of Transportation

Thomas Wesp August 5, 2015
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2015 Exemplary System in Government (ESIG)

Congratulations to the Ohio Department of Transportation for the Transportation Information Mapping System (TIMS) on the 2015 ESIG Award from URISA.

An annual honor conducted to recognize systems that are outstanding examples of using information systems technology in a multi-department environment as part of an integrated process.

TIMS clearly exemplifies effective use of technology yielding widespread improvements in the process(es) and/or service(s) involved and/or cost savings to the organization.

More about the ESIG Awards

More about the ESIG Distinguished System

Latest additions to the DTS family

Thomas Wesp July 15, 2015
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DTS would like to announce the addition of Todd Spangler and Dan Bellissemo to the DTS Team.

Todd Spangler
Mr. Todd Spangler, P.E., Director of Engineering Todd comes from the City of Brentwood, Tennessee where he was the Assistant Director of the Water Services Department. He also administered their VUEWorks® asset management software instance and has been instrumental in its success with the City. Mr. Spangler, as the DTS Director of Engineering, will be relocating to Orlando, Florida at the DTS Headquarters where he will have an integral leadership role. Mr. Spangler brings critical real world local government experience for enterprise asset management, and specifically water and wastewater expertise. Seeing the world through a client’s eyes and helping to match performance management for assets is why Mr. Spangler’s addition to the team is a success starting from day one.
Dan Bellissemo
Mr. Daniel Bellissemo, Regional Sales Director. Dan brings over twenty years of experience in enterprise geospatial solutions and has a proven track record working with local governments and commercial clients, as well as in the defense and intelligence markets. Mr. Bellissemo is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati and promises to continue to assist with the exciting growth at DTS. Mr. Bellissemo will operate from the State of Ohio and lead sales development and strategies in his region.

Launch of a New Resident Service Request Application

Thomas Wesp July 15, 2015
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July 8th, 2015

Contact: Greg Schauer

Announcing the Launch of a New Resident Service Request Application

Waukesha, WI – The City of Waukesha is excited to announce the launch of a new interactive service request application, providing Waukesha residents with another means to report problems related to the City’s infrastructure (such as potholes, a sign knocked down, or a street light out). The webpage can be accessed via the City of Waukesha website. All information entered is logged into the City’s VUEWorks Asset Management System and a notice is automatically sent to the correct department and staff members for their review.

The service request webpage is designed to allow residents a convenient way to report issues they observe in the community regarding specific public works, forestry, water utility and parks issues. Citizens can submit requests through the webpage from a home computer, tablet or smartphone. They will be asked to supply their name, an email address, the location and description of the issue. The system also allows users to upload photos to help City staff identify the problem.

“This new webpage is another way residents can report issues to the City in a convenient way online, saving a phone call, and providing city staff the information needed to address the situation,” said Mayor Shawn Reilly.

The initiative is an attempt to shorten the time it takes to respond to issues by more efficiently routing requests for service to the appropriate department personnel. It’s also hoped that customer service is improved as residents will receive automatic email responses once the service request is addressed and the issue is resolved.

Residents are asked not to enter emergencies – emergencies needing urgent attention should be called into 911 – as the entries are not monitored on weekends or after hours. Because the application is connected to the VUEWorks Asset Management system, only requests related to the City’s infrastructure are permissible. General questions for City staff, inquiries to Common Council members, or scheduling of permits or inspections will still be handled by phone, email or in person.

To access the webpage, residents can visit the City of Waukesha website at www.ci.waukesha.wi.us, then click the link named “Report an Issue” under the “Services” section.

DTS Helps Improve Performance in Asset Management for Transit

Thomas Wesp July 7, 2015
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Press Release

July 6, 2015

DTS Helps Improve Performance in Asset Management for Transit

Orlando – Data Transfer Solutions, LLC (DTS) is pleased to be supporting the 9th National GIS in Transit Conference hosted by URISA, the National Center for Transit Research, and the Transportation Research Board (TRB) on September 1-3, 2015 in Washington DC.

Allen Ibaugh, CEO of DTS and the immediate past president of URISA, will be on hand to instruct the pre-conference workshop on Asset Management and will also be a participant on the FTA panel to discuss “state of good repair” at the event. From GIS information collection, to full lifecycle performance asset management, DTS supports education and solutions to improve asset management for the transit industry.

Data Transfer Solutions is the Maker of VUEWorks. VUEWorks® is a GIS-based commercial off-the-shelf (COT) industry leader in advanced performance asset management.