Application Developers (Manchester, NH)

We’re always looking for talented application developers to join out team.

  • EST api development 5+ years of experience designing and developing web applications using ASP.NET MVC
  • Specific Experience with Microsoft .NET c#
  • Microsoft Sql Server dynamic queries
  • Microsoft ADO.NET (Sql Server)
  • MVC version 4+
  • Expertise developing RESTful web services
  • SSO/RSO – Authentication protocols and Identity management
  • Entity Framework
  • Web client development (html5, javascript, jquery, jquery-ui)
  • Implement RESTful web services to support extensions to our core product
  • Support commercial-off-the-shelf product with an Agile Team Approach
  • Trouble shoot issues for customers
  • Ensure best practices for software design and development are applied to all daily activities


DTS is a highly adaptive technologies solution provider focused on designing, developing, deploying and or hosting integrated applications for government and transportation agencies. DTS develops database management applications to help clients: manage information, analyze data, showcase the agency, query data repositories, and facilitate communication. We excel at the design, redesign and implementation of information systems as well as the creation of custom interactive websites and web-based applications that meet the demands of the decision makers. For any entity with data sets that need organization and analysis, DTS is the unrivaled provider of custom, automated software solutions that increase efficiency and usability while reducing workload and cost. That’s because DTS uniquely offers all the necessary cutting-edge services integrated within one company.


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