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Angela Machado joins the DTS team!

May 19, 2017
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Angela Machado: Training Support Specialist.

Angela joins the DTS team after more than 20 years of working with the Boise Parks and Recreation Department, handling everything from administrative needs to vandalism and volunteer coordination.

Her most recent experience was spent in business and resource analysis, where she provided training for implementing VUEWorks into the Department’s programs.

Originally from land-locked Idaho, Angela and her brother rocked the competitive skating arena as kids. With her own children now grown, she spends much of her free time exploring the vast trails, lakes and coastlines of Oregon.

She is no stranger to travel and has enjoyed many adventures: from the ancient Mayan ruins in Mexico to cruising the beauty of Alaska. Future destinations will likely span the globe – as long as she isn’t away from her four beloved pups for too long!

Angela Machado

“Having worked with Angela extensively at the City of Boise, the DTS team and clients will benefit from her passion for training and customer service” says Lisa Schoenfelder, Director of Learning and Change Management.

“She is a great addition to the team and her attention to detail is already showing with the training materials she has begun to produce.” Be on the lookout for lots of new and updated training materials available on your VUEWorks customer portal!

Welcome to the Team, Angela!

Data Transfer Solutions (DTS), Makers of VUEWorks is the leader in performance-based asset management. DTS provides mobile asset collection, work and asset management and custom geographic information system solutions. To welcome Angela to the team or get in touch with DTS/VUEWorks, just drop us a line as we look forward to hearing from you.