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Introducing DeAnna Belle, Junior Web Developer

May 12, 2017
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Specializing in graphic design & front-end development

“I chose DeAnna for the team based on her bright personality and approach to problem solving. When she walked into the room during her initial in-person interview, she had confidence that showed in every aspect ,” says Peter Samulevich, lead developer for VUEWorks, LLC.

“She’s a great fit for our team because she is a very positive person. She interfaces well with everyone, and her work ethic is stellar. I can assign her work knowing that it will get done quickly, but more important, accurately.”

Originally from Maryland, DeAnna is an experienced graphic and web designer. After a few years in Virginia as a graphic designer for the automotive industry, she relocated to Maine. This allows her to be closer to nature and a bit off the beaten path, while still being close enough to major cities to attend the occasional Comic-Con.

DeAnna enjoys sewing and costume design, as well as drawing, reading and playing retro video games.

DeAnna Belle

Welcome to the Team, DeAnna!

Data Transfer Solutions (DTS), Makers of VUEWorks is the leader in performance-based asset management. DTS provides mobile asset collection, work and asset management and custom geographic information system solutions.

To welcome DeAnna to the team or get in touch with DTS/VUEWorks, just drop us a line as we look forward to hearing from you.