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July 15, 2015
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DTS would like to announce the addition of Todd Spangler and Dan Bellissemo to the DTS Team.

Todd Spangler
Mr. Todd Spangler, P.E., Director of Engineering Todd comes from the City of Brentwood, Tennessee where he was the Assistant Director of the Water Services Department. He also administered their VUEWorks® asset management software instance and has been instrumental in its success with the City. Mr. Spangler, as the DTS Director of Engineering, will be relocating to Orlando, Florida at the DTS Headquarters where he will have an integral leadership role. Mr. Spangler brings critical real world local government experience for enterprise asset management, and specifically water and wastewater expertise. Seeing the world through a client’s eyes and helping to match performance management for assets is why Mr. Spangler’s addition to the team is a success starting from day one.
Dan Bellissemo
Mr. Daniel Bellissemo, Regional Sales Director. Dan brings over twenty years of experience in enterprise geospatial solutions and has a proven track record working with local governments and commercial clients, as well as in the defense and intelligence markets. Mr. Bellissemo is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati and promises to continue to assist with the exciting growth at DTS. Mr. Bellissemo will operate from the State of Ohio and lead sales development and strategies in his region.